Kevin Manilla


THANK YOU! to all my loyal clients for their continued support and trust in me!

Kevin helped me find my true soulmate…

I have nothing but praise for my experience with Kevin, he is not only the best listener, but offers a “Relationship friendly” assessment where he develops a strategy, with you together, to get you on the right path to happiness. Cori and I are much happier together and I have truly found my soulmate in Cori. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts Kevin. You are truly one of a kind. Thank you!

Ralph Holl and Cori, Rancho Cucamonga, California

Kevin is extremely perceptive and compassionate…

Kevin is extremely perceptive and compassionate when it comes to personal development coaching. He is a great listener, and highly efficient in coaching people. Great motivator and energetic individual who can uplift people from their down state. I highly recommend Kevin for personal development coaching. He is skilled at understanding a complex dynamic, and providing just the right common sense advice. Thank you Kevin!

Esther Davis, Rancho Cucamonga, California

Kevin helps you to quiet the “mental noise”…

Kevin provides insightful guidance on professional, relationship, and spiritual struggles. His advice helps you to quiet the “mental noise”  and enables you to hear your inner voice, so that your are empowered to define your purpose and guide yourself in the direction to fulfill your dreams. Kevin’s presence in my life has been truly rewarding and I am very lucky to call him a friend!

Christine Hillsgrove, Riverside, California

Kevin helped me get through those stressful times…

I have known Kevin for over two years now. At work, I had to deal with lot of stress working on several major proposal pursuits with tight budgets and deadlines. Kevin helped me get through those stressful times. I am usually an impatient person but Kevin kept me grounded. he kept me calm, he connected with me on personal level to help me understand and counter the stressful moments at workplace. he kept reinforcing in me positive attitude and helped me find my inner peace and calmness. Thank you Kevin!


Nikhil, San Francisco, California

Kevin was effective and instrumental…

I have known Kevin Manilla for a while. He was really effective and instrumental in guiding me at my post undergraduation direction. The conversation with him was very personal, warm, and insightful. It helped me gain ground perspective. He patiently listened to my concerns and guided me accordingly. The aspect I liked the most about his coaching style was that he didn’t rush with conversation and was very elaborate with his suggestions which provided me a feeling of a elder sibling. I would definitely recommend Kevin Manilla without any hesitation. Thanks Kevin!

Vaishak, New Delhi, India

Kevin is a great mentor and valuable guide!

Kevin advised me on my career path, listening patiently and giving me insights from his own experiences, that helped me with a tough decision early on in my professional life…he is a great mentor and valuable guide, and I greatly value his help.

Thomas Varkey, Greater Seattle Area

Meeting was amazing! Thank you Kevin!

My meetings with Kevin were amazing! His mere presence soothed my soul. His unbiased advise and interaction really guided me closer towards my true path, thank you Kevin!

Art Vargas, Rancho Cucamonga, California

Kevin understood what I was going through…

I would like to write this testimonial with glee because that is what exactly I’m feeling at the moment.

It’s strange about how me and Kevin Mannila started knowing each other. They say each person comes into your life for a reason or purpose. And I’ve realised the purpose of our meeting.

He happens to my close friend’s brother. We started chatting during one visit of his to his home town. He was like my elder brother too.

I’ve had a sour experience a few weeks back. And without a thought I sent him a text that I’m feeling blue. He immediately called me. I briefed my situation. He understood what I was going through. He guided me about how can I overcome that gloomy situation and never get back to it. Any other counsellor or that type will make sure you get out the situation. But what’s the best part about Kevin is, he makes sure you don’t go back there ever again. That’s how he tackles the situation.

He keeps up the positive energy in me. He keeps motivating. He keeps guiding. And he keeps a track of it. And the best part of the entire experience is, he keeps checking on you that you’re doing good.

The irony is we have never met personally. It was only through telephone calls and text messages we have reciprocated. I keep wondering, if a person can help someone so much just through a phone. How much can he do with personal interaction.

Hope we meet someday soon 🙂

Sanjana Gudidevuni, Hyderabad, India

Kevin is healer at heart…

I’ve known Kevin for more than a few years. Since I’ve known him as a friend, he’s always been pleasant, calm, positive and uplifting person.  Kevin will make you a cup of tea or coffee, sit down and listen to what you have to say, he always been attentive to other peoples needs and he’s a healer at heart and feels good about helping others.  What I like about Kevin is that he has strong moral values and thinks that family and marriage is a bond for life, he loves children, he has integrity and will never do anything that would be unfair. I trust Kevin and plan to be life long friends with him and his wife.  I hope the best for the both of them since they are good people, I think they will have a great future ahead of them!
Lori Kellett and John Williams, Orange County, California

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