Kevin Manilla

Kevin understood what I was going through…

I would like to write this testimonial with glee because that is what exactly I’m feeling at the moment.

It’s strange about how me and Kevin Mannila started knowing each other. They say each person comes into your life for a reason or purpose. And I’ve realised the purpose of our meeting.

He happens to my close friend’s brother. We started chatting during one visit of his to his home town. He was like my elder brother too.

I’ve had a sour experience a few weeks back. And without a thought I sent him a text that I’m feeling blue. He immediately called me. I briefed my situation. He understood what I was going through. He guided me about how can I overcome that gloomy situation and never get back to it. Any other counsellor or that type will make sure you get out the situation. But what’s the best part about Kevin is, he makes sure you don’t go back there ever again. That’s how he tackles the situation.

He keeps up the positive energy in me. He keeps motivating. He keeps guiding. And he keeps a track of it. And the best part of the entire experience is, he keeps checking on you that you’re doing good.

The irony is we have never met personally. It was only through telephone calls and text messages we have reciprocated. I keep wondering, if a person can help someone so much just through a phone. How much can he do with personal interaction.

Hope we meet someday soon 🙂