Kevin Manilla


Kevin has deeper understanding of personal development aspects because of his own life journey. Through years of personal life experiences, Kevin gained efficient strategies that helped his clients to reach their full potential. Kevin coached himself to succeed in every new environment he was put in.

Also, his extensive working experience in developed, developing and underdeveloped nations across the globe (The United States of America, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan to name a few) helped him to gain insights of subtle and hidden barriers and efforts required to blend into new cultures and thrive in those environments. It may be a daunting task for each individual to move to a new country and reach to pinnacles of success but with right coaching tools and approach it can be achieved.

Kevin can help you with gaining clear understanding of your personal goals and also help you achieve them. Kevin will help you with the process of building self-confidence to lead life with more fulfillment, improving your social life, acquiring tie management skills, building concrete self discipline mechanisms, and improving your personal and professional relationships.