Kevin Manilla


Kevin offers the following six coaching services in person or via phone.

Career Coaching

This is a significant area that Kevin can assist you with. Kevin carefully drafted his career choices to suit his personality with consciousness. The key to having a successful career begins by first understanding our key strength areas and our suitability to the market opportunities.

We will work together to help you discover your strengths and most importantly your interests. Majority of the career options chosen by people are based on their insecurities. Before we embark on our journey to build our successful career, we need to ask ourself the following key questions.…READ MORE

Relationship Coaching

Kevin is an expert in dealing with relationship issues. His engineering background helps him to engineer a relationship and assess why some relationships fail and others work excellently. Kevin will work with you to build healthy relationships by clearing/transitioning from any unhealthy relationships that may be causing hindrance to your overall growth.

Kevin’s most popular technique of “Relationship Ready” assessment will help you to figure out if you are ready to get into a relationship which is the first and foremost aspect in building a healthy relationship…READ MORE

Personal Development Coaching

Kevin has deeper understanding of personal development aspects because of his own life journey. Through years of personal life experiences, Kevin gained efficient strategies that helped his clients to reach their full potential. Kevin coached himself to succeed in every in every new environment/setup he was put in.

Also, his extensive working experience in developed, developing and underdeveloped nations across the globe (The United States of America, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan to name a few) helped him to gain insights of subtle and hidden barriers and efforts required to blend into new cultures and thrive in those environments…READ MORE

Health and Wellness Coaching

Kevin will help you with his simple steps to ensure you achieve your health and wellness goals with ease.

Kevin has done extensive research how to implement and execute plans and build a healthy lifestyle. Kevin will help you understand why in spite of having the best information about health and wellness programs, people cannot achieve their desired results. Kevin analyzed the reasons behind it. Lot of health plans look great on paper but they do achieve the desired goals in reality. Kevin has devised a 15 minute Technique that will help you move closer towards your health and wellness goals.…READ MORE

Spiritual Coaching

Kevin will help you explore your inner self and experience tremendous inner peace contentment and well-being.  Kevin has deeper understanding of alternate healing modalities such as Radionics, Feng Shui, Tarot Card Reading, and Astrology, Taoist Astrology, Bach Flower Therapy that equip him with understanding the things about life in a more holistic way.

With deep self-reflection and life experience, Kevin has mastered the art of life and can help you discover your life’s purpose and help you develop a deep relationship with your inner self so you feel more content and powerful residing in your own power zone.…READ MORE

Life Plan Design

Kevin will help you design a beautiful life plan and layout steps to execute and make this plan a reality. Leading a blissful life is possible if we can engineer a plan that accommodates our inherent traits.  Kevin will help you discover your core interests and will help you customize your day to day activities so that you can lead a fulfilling life each day.

Overcoming the feeling of lack of purpose and the feeling of being lost is a daunting task and can be draining. But Kevin with his careful planning strategies and powerful techniques can help you overcome this feeling by identifying key life ingredients and achieve them…READ MORE