Kevin Manilla


Kevin can greatly assist you in putting you on a path of progressive career path that aligns with your core interests. Kevin carefully drafted his career choices to suit his personality with consciousness. The key to having a successful career begins by first understanding our key strength areas and our suitability to the market opportunities.

We will work together to help you discover your strengths and most importantly your interests. Majority of the career options chosen by people are based on their insecurities. Before we embark on our journey to build our successful career, we need to ask ourself the following key questions:

  • Are we driven by our insecurities or by our interests?
  • What is our driving force in a specific career direction?
  • Are we preparing ourselves for success?

If we can gather clear answers about these questions, then we can tap your potential strengths and interests and draft a plan for successful career. The rest will follow!

Kevin will work with you to assess your suitability for different jobs to match your personality, strengths and preferences and help you make appropriate choices of your liking. Kevin can help you transition in job changes and ensure you are moving in the right direction and are on a progressive path.