Kevin Manilla


KEVIN MANILLA is a certified Life Coach and professional engineer in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Engineering background accompanied with in depth knowledge in alternate healing tools such as Feng Shui, Taoist Astrology, and Tarot Card reading enables him to efficiently solve real life problems and come up with effective solutions that enable his clients to lead a more fulfilling life.

Kevin uses a wide range of coaching techniques to help people resolve their complex issues in various areas of life: relationships, career, emotional, spiritual, overcoming insecurities, motivating oneself, building mental muscle. A few of his popular techniques are listed below:

  • Knob technique
  • Zoning technique
  • 15 Minute Confidence Building technique
  • Centering technique
  • Reflect & Rebound technique
  • VPR technique

Kevin does life coaching in Rancho Cucamonga or by telephone.

To schedule your Life Coaching sessions please call Kevin at 909.908.6724 in Rancho Cucamonga or send an email to Read more about testimonials from my happy clients.